• Niloak Pottery Squirrel Planter
  • Niloak Pottery Swirl Vase
  • Niloak Pottery Pitcher
  • Niloak Pottery Swirl Bowl
  • Niloak Pottery Elephant Planter
  • Niloak Pottery Swirl Vase
  • Niloak Pottery Swirl Vase
  • Niloak Pottery Swirl Candle Holder

What is Niloak Pottery?

Niloak Pottery produced art ceramics in Benton, Arkansas from 1910 through 1947.

The Niloak Pottery began making arts and crafts ceramics in 1910 as the Eagle Pottery Company. They are best known for the "Mission Swirl" line, a marble neriage style. Niloak also produced castware from molds, mostly planters and vases until they went bankrupt in 1947. As the premiere manufacturer of art pottery in Arkansas, vintage Niloak Pottery is highly collectible, especially to those who enjoy the mission swirl line. These pieces fit perfectly with a prairie-style decorative scheme, and the prices are average when compared to many other period potteries. The wide range of clay earth-tone combinations allow decorators to fit almost any color pallette, especially when utilizing the simpler forms.

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