Niloak Pottery mark

Marks and Labels of the Niloak Pottery Company

Niloak blue and white sticker fig. 1: Blue and white Niloak sticker

Niloak first art mark fig. 2: First art mark

Niloak second art mark fig. 3: Second art mark

First Hywood mark fig. 4: First Hywood mark

Hywood hand-inscribed marks fig. 5: Hand-incised Hywood mark.

Late Hywood mark fig. 6: Late Hywood mark

Niloak Potteries sticker fig. 7: Niloak Potteries sticker.

Niloak since 1868 sticker fig. 8: Niloak Since 1868 sticker

Late print mark fig. 9: Late print mark

Late curved mark fig. 10: Late curved mark.

Raised block letters fig. 11: Raised block letters

Mineralized Clay Pottery fig. 12: Mineralzed Clay Pottery Sticker

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